Firebox Stove Hump-Day Getaway #3 The Best Camping Food Over an Open Flame.

Firebox Stove Hump-Day Getaway #3 The Best Camping Food Over an Open Flame.

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On this Hump-Day Getaway I cook up some Mountain Man breakfast over two Folding Firebox Campfire Stoves using wood pellets as fuel with a beautiful stream in the background.

I saute red and green onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and hash browns. Once all that wonderful stuff was caramelized and brown I added the eggs and mixed it all together for a great easy camping meal.

Camp cooking over an open flame using wood pellets as fuel is almost cheating because it is so easy and convenient. I used the Adjustable Fire Grate so I was able to cook all this food on about one and a half cups of wood pellets per Firebox Stove. A common challenge with wood pellets is getting them started which is no problem at all with our Firestarters, just break it into small pieces and push the bits into the pellets and light them up in a few places. One fire starting disks could easily start four of these setups.

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