Overnight Winter Camping in Canada! | Wood Stove, Wild Food

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Jeremy and I work in the cold winter in effort to snare snowshoe hare and set up a winter canvas hot tent outfitted with a wood stove. We pursue snowshoe hare, or varying hare, unlike a rabbit, it turns white, it is one of the only reliable foods to be found in the dead of winter. We will set out a bunch of traps to catch hare, show trail camera footage of the snares in action and how the hares react to it, all the while preparing wild foods such as deer, raccoon, rainbow trout and wild rice.

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We will show you how to snare hare, how to set up a winter canvas hot tent, run a wood stove and stay warm in the Northern Climate of Canada. The wood stove keeps us warm mostly overnight, but needs to be fed every few hours or the temperatures plummet. We will guide you how to winter camp in comfort and safety.

We use double sleeping bags to camp out in the winter as well as a camp mat and cot. The tent fluctuates from very warm to very cold as it is not insulated. With no way to trap the heat, the fire must be constantly kept going inside.

Jeremy (One Wildcrafter) is eating an all wild foods diet for the whole of 2019, so this is an interesting test for him. Can we snare enough hare to sustain ourselves over the winter months? How easy is it to find foods in the winter when everything seems to be sleeping.


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